Dr Diana Ferrus

Poet, Writer

Diana Ferrus is a writer, poet, storyteller and creative writing workshop facilitator. Her work has been published in various collections and some serve as prescribed texts for high school learners. She also works closely with schools, especially matriculants. In January/February each year, she visits different schools as part of the Stellenbosch University WOW project that speaks to learners about their prescribed poems. Diana is also involved in various community projects. She works with the Macassar Studio Light project, a project started by Clint Abrahams, an architect from Macassar who wishes to instil pride in its community of who they are, how Macassar was built and their role in it. Furthermore, she works with a group of women in Stellenbosch who are writing up their stories. She is also closely working with the Pniel poets who participated for the first time in the Adam Small literary festival in February 2020. All these projects are ongoing. She also works with the Railtoun Foundation in Swellendam where she will present creative writing workshops. An outreach programme to Loxton in the Karoo was cancelled because of the lockdown. She also works closely with the Centre for the Book which has graciously helped, as part of their community publishing project, publish the first collection of poetry by Die Mengelmoes, a grassroots women writers group led by Diana.

She also performs her own work and performs in collaboration with other artists.

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