Louis Norval

Founder Norval Foundation, Co-Founder Attfund Ltd and Green Create Group

As a global investor being involved in many different spheres in the business world, Louis never lost sight of his passion for the arts. An avid art collector himself, described by ARTnews as one of the world’s top 200 art collectors, he recognised the transformative power of art and its ability to inspire, provoke and bring about positive change. With a desire to share his collection, to educate and to promote making art available to all people, he established the Norval Foundation which opened its doors as a Museum and Sculpture Garden in 2018.
The Norval Foundation has established itself as a platform for art and culture, dedicated to the preservation and promotion of modern and contemporary African art. Through its exhibition program featuring both established and emerging artists from the African continent Norval has shown his commitment to supporting local talent and fostering artistic dialogue and has made the Norval Foundation a vital hub for creativity and cultural exchange.
The Norval Foundation’s Learning Centre is testament to Louis’ desire to educate learners from a young age. Over the past year over 9,000 learners from all ages visited the Foundation. Approximately 84% of the learners come from previously disenfranchised backgrounds. These learners are brought to the Foundation where each receive a guided tour through the Museum and Sculpture Garden, make an artwork to take home, receive a copy of the “Making Art History” books, which are developed by the Foundation as an African art curriculum, and receive a snack and drink before they are taken back. These are often life changing experiences for learners.
In business Louis was a founding partner of Norval Wentzel Steinberg Quantity Surveyors, founder and CEO of Attfund Limited, which at the time when it was sold in 2011 the largest private developer and owner of shopping malls in South Africa and is amongst other Chairman and largest shareholder of Green Create Limited, a Dutch based green energy company.
On the sporting front Norval is an avid golfer who won the South African Amateur and represented South Africa in golf. He also served as a past Chairman of Pretoria Country Club.
Louis is privileged to share his life with his partner Mareli Vorster, has two wonderful children and is grandfather to six beautiful grandchildren.
Louis Norval stands as a testament to the power of vision, determination and a genuine love for what one does. In his unwavering commitment to excellence and the betterment of society, Norval continues to shape the landscape in business and culture, leaving an enduring legacy for future generations to build on.

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