Marie Perrier

Curator of African and Oceanic collections, Musée des Confluences

Since 2010, Marie Perrier has been in charge of the African and Oceanic collections at the Musée des Confluences. Located in Lyon, France, this multidisciplinary museum preserves over 3.5 million objects and specimens in the fields of natural and human sciences.

With a background in art history and anthropology, Marie Perrier conducts research into the history of collections, focusing on the material culture of East African populations.

Curator or scientific referent for several exhibitions (Potières d’Afrique, Touaregs, Afrique. Mille vies d’objets), she recently published a book devoted to a private collection focusing on art works from Nigeria, La collection africaine – Ewa et Yves Develon, edited by the Musée des Confluences and Éditions courtes et longues. Aware that she is preserving a priceless heritage, Marie Perrier is working for greater transparency and better circulation of information concerning objects and archives.

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