Sami Meddeb

President of the Digital Cooperation Association in Tunisia

Sami Meddeb has over ten years of experience working in the field of audiovisual archives, with a focus on digital preservation techniques. Sami currently serves as President of the Digital Cooperation Association in Tunisia.

The Digital Cooperation Association was created in 2019 to support institutions working to protect Tunisia’s rich audiovisual cultural heritage. Over the past three years, we have partnered with archives, community radio stations, and heritage organisations on various projects. This includes utilising artificial intelligence to identify Tunisian dialects in archival video, providing online training workshops on best practices in audiovisual archiving, and exploring how AI can help community radio better engage audiences.

Our goal is to strengthen archiving capacity and collaboration across Tunisia. As President, Sami works to develop international partnerships aimed at sharing knowledge and skills. We believe cultural heritage has immense value for communities when preserved and accessible. By applying new technologies while respecting archival ethics, Sami aims to ensure future generations can continue learning from and drawing inspiration from Tunisia’s audiovisual archives.

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